About us

These are the awesome people who make up window and door co and will be working hard in your home.

Craig Hyatt (co-owner, sales)

Craig is the guy that will contact and meet with you at your convenience. He is a proud father and husband and has been a Valley resident for over 45 years. Overy many of those years he has worked for some large, high-end contractors with a focus on building client relationships through exceptional communication and service. Craig is a family man who enjoys sports and adventure with his wife and two young sons. When Craig isn’t working he likes to hike, golf, camp, play tennis and whatever else his boys twist his arm to do.

Kris Daubs (co-owner, installer)

Kris will be the guy installing your windows and doors. He became a general contractor at just 21 years of age. He takes pride in his work, knowing that people are trusting him to install their windows and doors. He gains satisfaction knowing that he has helped someone substantially improved their home that they will enjoy for many years to come. When Kris isn’t installing windows and doors, he loves to ski and surf… so what’s he doing living in Arizona?

Meagan Webber (installer)

This Arizona native has been working in construction and installing windows and doors since 2014. When she isn’t flexing her muscles and showing up the boys or adding the finishing touches so everything looks oh so perfect, she enjoys drawing, snowboarding and nerding everything up at Comic-con 

Dave Kammer (sales)

With over 25 years of experience, Dave really enjoys working with people in the comforts of their home and earning clients for life. He loves the challenge of helping people fill their window and door fashions that meet their budget and dreams, making sure every job exceeds their expectations.

Paul Silva (installer)

Starting as an apprentice for the Local Carpenters’ Union #906, Paul has worked through all the unique modalities of construction. He finds installing doors and windows to be very satisfying… like the jewelry on the house. He enjoys hiking, volunteering and spending time with his wife and two daughters.